Barefoot Breathing

Modern psychologists are in agreement that skin-to-skin contact for babies is a wonderful thing. It reduces crying, improves bonding, and helps the new mom let down her milk. Knowing this, is it any surprise that some people are now discovering the benefits of skin-to-earth? I know that I feel different after spending time in nature. I love walking barefoot in the grass, on a beach or even on hard-packed sand. The feeling of deep connectedness resonates through me when I spend time being still outdoors.

When I saw that Essence of Wild had developed an e-course with the title, “Barefoot Breathing,” my imagination went into overdrive. Barefoot breathing … just the name is intriguing! Reading up on the offering, it looks very promising that this is going to be an accessible and affordable (about $52 American) approach to expanding that bond with nature. The site itself has lots to offer: meditations, amazing and inspiring visuals in the form of photography by one of the site owners, and the attempt to create a community of like-minded souls: Barefoot Tribe (check the Twitter hashtag #barefoottribe).

I was drawn in to this site by the amazing nature photography. I promptly printed out the meditations they created and posted them all around my monitor at work. Still, it is the Barefoot Breathing concept that has captured my imagination. I am deeply drawn to this concept of ‘Green Spirituality.’ The labels of ‘pagan’ or ‘new age’ bring up images in my mind of dogma that I don’t want at this point in my life. Green spirituality hasn’t been well-defined yet, and I think that is why I like it. I can work out for myself what it means to me. That ambiguity leaves me free to explore how nature fits in with my faith. It is said that St Francis of Assissi used to go out and give sermons to the birds and animals of the forest. In my imagination, he received one as well!

I am going to sign up for this course and I look forward to meeing new people who are also exploring their spiritual connection to nature. I hope to meet you there!


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