Communicating Naturally

Communication is something that can’t be done in isolation. It implies having someone or something to communicate WITH. To communicate, we need to both express and receive information. “Talking at” is simply not the same as “speaking with.” This seems like pretty basic stuff, but when we forget to be receptive to information that comes our way, we simply aren’t communicating.

The two previous posts discuss goals I have set for myself: the journal and the ecourse. When I debated taking on both of them at once, I realized that it would be really easy to do. They are both developing ways to connect and communicate with nature. I find that it is easy for me to express mysef, whether it be spoken or written, or even in my thoughts. However, it has taken years of practice for me to learn to listen.

I use the word ‘listen,’ but it could be any other way of receiving information. I tend to think in terms of sounds (I am an auditory learner), but there are as many ways to receive information as there are to express it. My goal is to deepen that ability to receive information from Nature.

I believe that we all express information on many levels. Realistically, I don’t see how someone could avoid sharing information. We all know people who are extremely expressive, but even the quiet person in the corner is telling us things, once we take the time to notice.  do So, it isn’t a question of “whether,’ but “how” you express yourself? Are you a talker? Do you include big expressive hand gestures as you speak? Do you feel that your actions are your words, and so you don’t need to speak? Each method has its plusses or minuses, so I am not meaning to judge any one as better than another. I simply wonder if you know how you communicate?

And what about the other side of communicating? Do you perceive yourself to be a good listener? What about other kinds of receiving? Do you allow yourself to sit quietly and get impressions? Are those impressions images? Feelings? A ‘taste in your mouth?’ A knowing (what I sometimes call a ‘data dump’)? How are you receiving information?

Once you have a sense for how you express and receive information, you will learn an amazing amount of things about yourself and others, simply by paying attention to the flow of information. The more levels you include in the scope of your attention, the more you will learn. Looks and verbal cues are often the easiest, but don’t ignore how you feel about what you do, say, and hear. You may very literally get a taste in your mouth, goosebumps, or even smell a specific odor when some things are expressed. Think about what these things mean to you, and you will have a jewel whose value is beyond price!

Communication is the link between the two tasks I have set myself for this month. I am doing them in order to gain understanding and communication with Nature. I want this connection to nature to become a habit, something I do without thinking about it. I want to feel that connection automatically because it gives me so much. It is simutaneousely peaceful and energizing to feel that link between myself and the land. To make this deeper connection, I have to be aware of how I send and receive information with Nature. I need to be aware and encouraging to the methods where I successfully receive information. Sending and receiving information with Nature, I will learn about myself as much as I learn anything!

So, I have set myself an intention for this upcoming course: I intend to make connecting to nature a habit by expanding my awareness. I am very excited about this, and I look forward to the changes that this will bring!



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