First photo of Fall 2011

Whenever fall comes, I can feel my spirit follow the turn of the wheel. I want to get ready to go inside. The desire to bake, get out the knitting and quilting, change the clothes in my closet from short to long-sleeves, all combine to create a phenomenon I call “nesting.”

I believe this tendancy exists in all of us to a lesser or greater degree. Some fight it. Some seem slightly ashamed of it, and a few embrace it. Even though I think we all have tendancies in this direction, I do believe that an accentuated desire to change our behavior with the seasons is among the gifts of reconnecting with nature. As we pay more attention to the wheel of the seasons, our behavior more closely mimics the natural world around us.

Where I live, the autumnal equinox is in sight for this week. The leaves on the trees are starting to get hints of color. The temps are starting to drop. Light frosts are appearing now and again. The signs are sure. Change is in the air. The wheel is turning.


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