Adventure Update

I have just 2 more weeks left of my joint Barefoot Breathing / Nature Journal adventure. I am at the half-way mark, I suppose. This is turning out to be something that I am enjoying immensely. I have been doing the meditation and journaling after I get home from work, and I find that it acts almost like a mini-vacation, unplugging me from the workday and helping me to mentally shift gears so that I can more thoroughly enjoy my evenings.

Even today … I came home from work and the cool and damp fall air was a little intimidating at first. We had rain for most of the day, and I took a blanket out with me because the rain was still drizzling off and on and the wind was still whipping leaves off the trees. Cold ground against my feet, I made my muscles relax, as I sank into my barefoot breathing. As my breathing deepened and I let go of my day, I felt myself transported to another place. Flashing images came and went as I listened to the wind and the frogs, and I found myself enjoying the feel of the cool mist droplets washing my face as I breathed in and out.

Now, to put this in perspective, you need to know something about me: I hate cold, and when I say ‘cold,’ I mean anything below 70 (Farenheit). Today, it was only 59 degrees at 5:00 PM, when I sat down to do this nature connection. I will be honest. If I hadn’t felt like I had committed myself (and missed a few days with busy days and the pouring rain), I likely would have talked myself out of sitting in the cold with bare feet, breathing in cool, rain-soaked air. I am so very glad that I stuck with my promise to myself today. If I had missed it, I would have lost an opportunity to enjoy weather beyond my boundaries. I stretched myself today, and the prize was an amazing gift of internal space.

After the meditation, I wrote in my journal and did the other work associated with the e-course. I felt calm and centered, in spite of the wind and the cold. As I came back in the house to start making supper, I was in a mental place where the preparation of food felt more like a joyous gift to my family, rather than just something that had to be done. I would like to think that the love and kindness I felt somehow added its own seasoning to the food I prepared.

For my update, I would have to state that the adventure has been totally worth it!


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