Backyard Gratitude

This weekend has been a delightful surprise, weather-wise. The wind tells me it is fall, but it isn’t a biting wind. There is a softness to the air that is welcoming, friendly and downright enjoyable. I stand in my backyard and let my chattering mind fall to silence. I close my eyes and listen. Crows cawing counterpoint to a chittering songbird I don’t recognize. Their music serenades me in accompaniment to the rustle of leaves and a distant wind chime. The sound of traffic adds an occasional reminder that I am in the heart of a city, but it is early yet. Traffic is light and the wind carries the sounds away, rather than toward me. I could almost believe that I was in a small town instead of a city. The weather, sounds and my inner space all come together in beauty and serenity.

As I stand there, cold feet against the grass, I am reminded of a song by Brooke Medicine Eagle:

Pine needles and earth beneath my naked feet

I bow to the mountain. Her ancientness bows to me

Obsidian wings of the laughing crow

Invite the soundless bells of dawn.

The melody and words tumble over and over in my head as I feel my body relax into the morning. Today, I am grateful to be alive. Grateful to be able to stand outside and enjoy the wind and the leaves and the songs of birds. Grateful for music that touches my soul. Grateful to have this space to share my thoughts with you.

May your week be blessed by nature’s song. Sending you my love …


2 thoughts on “Backyard Gratitude

  1. I have been trying to remember the last line of this for months and months and finally found it here. Thank you. Now i can sing this to my daughter

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