Wave or Particle

Meditating on gratitude, one of the things I have realized is that gratitude is not about changing my life, in the sense of changing what happens to me. It is about changing my perception about those things, and the things that already exist in my life. A side benefit of practicing gratitude may well be that the things in my life change, but nothing is promised. The big change really is a matter of perception.

The frontier of science is busy right now proving that very fact. Seriously. If you are at all interested in science, I suggest you google “wave or particle.” That is all it takes to enter the frontier. Some of what you find will be hard science, complete with formulas, mathematical symbols and lots of big words. Other hits will be less technical, but no less interesting for all that. It basically boils down to a question that has fascinated scientists for a long time: Is light made up of particles or is it a wave? Conflicting results eventually led to some experiments that have hit hard in the philosophy world as well as science. It turns out that light expresses itself as a particle OR a wave, depending upon the observer.

This is exciting news and is proof of a concept that philosophers and theologians (or thealogians) have as a core principle: Our intentions / prayers / focus has an impact on the material world around us. Whether I look at the New Testament where “the faith of a mustard seed” moves mountains (Matthew 17:20), or the concepts behind The Secret, or even the idea that our karmic debt changes our reality, we are still talking about how our perceptions change the world around us.

When we practice gratitude, we are making ourselves an active observer, interacting with the energy at play around us. Wave or particle? That is our call to make. As we bathe events in positive energy, we call the most positive aspects of our life into focus. What we call into focus becomes. At some level, it is called into its most positive aspect and we start an upward spiral of gratitude to blessings to gratitude.

I love how we are starting to see a re-convergence of science and spirit. We are in a different place than we were in Galileo’s time and I hope that we have learned some lessons about separating dogma from truth. Remember, the first principle in scientific analysis is that we know nothing. Once we know something to be “fact,”  we can’t learn any more. That is why science deals only in “theories.”

My scientific experiments this month are about turning my focus to gratitude and my whole spirit can get behind this: My analytical side sees the value of the experiment and the creative side is seeing the excitement of something new and beautiful entering my life. If nothing else, I have learned this month that I am much closer to being whole in my outlook on life, and I believe I can say that I am on the right path to integrating this perception into my days. What a great feeling!


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