Gratitude Continued

This month of meditating on gratitude has been amazing for me. I have felt very blessed by an abundance of things to inspire gratitude … and the joy continues! I thought I would share some of the blessings of my past week with all of you:

The last week in November and I am seeing 50° F in Wisconsin. Not record-breaking, but up there in the list of warmest Thanksgivings of all time. I was standing out in the rain on Saturday, feeling the cool drops run down my face (I know! RAIN – in November!), and it felt like I could almost trick myself into believing it was spring, rather than the middle of autumn. So, as much as I am convinced we will likely pay dearly for this later, I am very grateful for the warmer weather.

My daughter has been home from college for the week, and I have enjoyed her presence. She makes me laugh, and she is as fascinated by the world as I have ever been – which makes me smile. I will miss her when she is gone back to school, but I am grateful to witness the person she is becoming and I am ever so grateful that she wants to make a difference in the world.

My step-daughter recently posted on Facebook about why she believes in using the phrase “Happy Holidays,” especially with people she doesn’t know well. I was so happy and proud of her ability to articulate something that her more conservative friends see as controversial in a way that was respectful and gracious (shared with her permission):

something tells me that I’m going to lose a FB friend or 2 over this, but I feel the need to say it… lately I’ve been seeing all these posts about “put Christ back in Christmas” and “it’s not Happy Holidays, it’s Merry Christmas” and other things along those lines… just for the record, I believe in God, but unless …I know that you celebrate Christmas and not Ramadan, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other holidays of different faiths that land in the holiday season, I will tell you “Happy Holidays”. It’s not about being PC or losing sight of Christmas, it’s about respecting other people’s beliefs and not assuming that they celebrate Christmas.
I am very grateful to be witness to this amazing person she is becoming as well. Respect for diversity is something we need to see more often, in my opinion. That she feels this way and can articulate it so well makes me very proud of her!
This experiment in gratitude has been a success, I think. I have noticed that my life has been overfowing with joy, love and abundance. May yours do the same.

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