Talking Toes

This week, I had my toes read. It seems, in my little world, that almost no one had heard of this before (including me). So, I took one for the team (grin!), so that I could find out and share with all the rest of you. OK… And I was just plain curious myself!

I expected a toe reading to be sort of like a palm reading, since the names are so similar. Turns out that assumption was way off. Toe reading was nothing like a palm reading, in process or content. No divination here. This is how it was explained to me:

Universal Energy (chi) comes down through your chakras and out through your feet. The idea behind toe reading is that this passage of energy actually modifies your feet. I would consider that the morphology of the feet, but the woman who explained it to me called it “holographic messages” recorded on the feet. According to the principles of toe reading, a trained reader can look at the different aspects of your toes (shape, flexibility, etc) and can interpret those to life events, or even personality tendancies or character traits. This, in turn, can be used to identify blockages to your spiritual growth. The person I saw also offered Reiki, if you wanted to apply Reiki to the blockages to help them release.

She had me sit on a chair and take of my shoes and socks. Sitting on a floor cushion, she looked at my toes and nails, the space between my toes and how the toes naturally fell, whether they leaned in toward their mates or wanted to fall away from them. She does touch your feet, so that might be a consideration for some people who hate having anyone actually touch their feet. She explained that each toe had a meaning, and the left versus right foot also had significance (that much, at least, is similar to palmistry). This, however, was a snapshot in time. She couldn’t tell me any future event, because it hadn’t happened yet. She couldn’t tell if a situation or personal tendancy was getting better, worse, or staying the same because she had never seen my feet before. This was about the now and how the past may be impacting the now.

My reading was pretty much spot on. Since there was a group of us who did this, I was able to speak with some of the others and get their impressions as well. Everyone was pretty impressed with the process, and the concensus was that it was amazingly accurate … though one person hesitated on whether to attribute the accuracy to the modality of toe reading, or if the person doing the readings was simply a very gifted people reader and / or psychic. Either way, each person received information about areas of their life where they could benefit from change, and each one agreed that they had food for thought, coming away from this experience.

In my opinion, it was like holding a mirror up to yourself, and someone pointing out the blemish that needs attention. The results were not always comortable, but they were valuable. In short, I found this to be a worthwhile venture. At least two of her comments are points where I am giving deep thought and consideration … one of which I wasn’t very receptive to hearing. Personally, I feel that the things you don’t want to hear are probably the most important to address, so that gives it added value.

I sometimes get too much in my head (yes, my toes said that too!) and that can actually slow me down in some ways. Toe reading was a good kick in the pants for me to look at myself a little differently, to see some of my situations in a more objective manner. If you too, tend to get stuck in your head sometimes, you might also find it worthwhile. Give “toe reading” a spin in your favorite search engine and see what comes up. If you are in the US Midwest, you might even want to head over toward the Milwaukee / Waukesha area and look up Connie at Attune Healing!


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