The winter solstice will take place tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM UTC, and the sun will start its slow journey back to prominence in our days. I find this longest night of the year to be a great time for introspection and I enjoy just being in the dark, and thinking. It is a time of balance, a time for letting go and looking forward. With that in mind, I have been researching possibilities for creating a solstice ritual to symbolize the release of the past, and my openness to the gifts that I hope 2012 will bring. It seems that there are tons of suggestions out there. Maybe it is because I recently wrote the post on Learning Styles, but it seems that many of the suggestions I am finding could be organized along similar categories.

The ones that resonate most with me tend to have a visual foundation, and that makes sense to me. I don’t know if any study has ever been done, but I would think that the channel most successfully associated with manifestation would be the one that connects to spirit and our deepest self … so our deepest channel. When I look at all the wonderful suggestions on the web, ranging from a collage to a music playlist to planting a seed symbolic of what you wish to manifest, I see V-A-K, visual – auditory – kinesthetic.

If you know your learning pattern, it would make this a bit easier. The best way to tell is to observe yourself and your tendencies, but you can talk it out with a friend, get hints from a book on the subject (such as those by Dawna Markova), and if all else fails, there are quizzes out on the web. I have no idea how accurate they are, but here is one to try at EasyChangeWorks. Once you know your pattern, you have a clue on what would likely work best for you.

For manifesting, we want something we will see / hear / do repeatedly, to bring our focus back to the connection we are establishing, pulling potential into our present. A collage, or storyboard, works for visual people because it is something we can look at often. A musical playlist can go with us wherever we go, and a seedling needs to be tended, watered, fertilized, etc. As you put together what you want to manifest, remember that clarity and detail count. Something I learned from Shakti Gawain is that you should always include “This or something better now manifests for me.” Sometimes what we think we want isn’t the best, and at other times, the ‘something better’ could be pretty awesome!

Whenever we participate in rituals related to the focus of our manifestation, it is important to allow our emotions to rise to the surface. Feel how you believe it will be when it is all there for you. The channel helps with focus, but it is emotion that gives power to the request you are sending the Universe. So, let it fill you!

If you need some tips on manifesting, there are many books out there, including some that are quite popular, such as The Secret (Rhonda Byrne), and The Law of Attraction (Esther and Jerry Hicks). I’ve not read either of these, but I know many who have and who have found them to be practical approaches to the concept. Personally, I would recommend Shakti Gawain’s, Creative Visualization or, for a more scientific approach, try The God Formula by Jeffery A Martin.

Whatever you decide to do, Happy Solstice !


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