Imbolc – Brighid’s Day

Imbolc – Brighid’s Day

I love the energy of Brighid’s Day.
The balance between past and future,
That holy place that requires nothing-
But takes from the past what it needs
To form the future it wills into being.

I think how my own past
Shapes my present and lays ground for my future;
I step onto Sacred Ground at Imbolc,
As I release my vision of shores grown familiar
And sail toward a future I can’t yet see …

Balance. Compassion. Creativity.
Integrity. Faith. Manifestation.
I honor the energy of Brighid today
And giving, I feel blessed by her smile.


5 thoughts on “Imbolc – Brighid’s Day

  1. I have a candle on my altar that was lit from the previous candle that was lit…going back to a full moon ceremony years ago where someone had a candle lit from a candle lit from…Brighid’s flame.

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