Stones, Rocks, Crystals … Friends

I have an affinity for stones in general. I remember, as a child, bringing stones into my bedroom and decorating the window sills, my dresser, desk, the top of the tv (<smile>) with them. My mother would complain that I was bringing the outdoors in, and after a day when she brought my collection back out to the yard from which I had found most of them, I decided to keep my favorite stones under my pillow. I find it interesting that just a few months ago, we were talking about my childhood and she asked me if I still kept rocks under my pillow. I didn’t even realize she knew! I guess she decided that, if I wanted them that much, she would leave them be.

Rocks still find their way under my pillow, near my bed and on the shelves around the house. A friend once told me that rocks and twigs are pagan souvenirs. In that sense, I suppose I am truly pagan in spirit. I love the stones that decorate my home, and I love learning about them, spending time holding them, meditating with them. They don’t have to be carved into any shape, though I have some beautiful fetishes and carvings. They don’t even have to be tumbled or finished. I love raw stones too. A raw stone feels different, and like an untamed animal, it seems more full of surprises!

Over the years, I have learned a lot by sitting with my stones. One thing is that listening inside to that deep still space when I am with them, they each have a “voice.” The type of stone (aventurine, lepidolite, onyx, etc) is almost like a culture among people. Most stones of a specific type have similar voices, certain traits in common – but that doesn’t mean that an individual stone might not have something very unusual to share.

I believe that everything in this world has a vibration, or energy signature. These may be very loud as with animals, insects, trees and what we commonly consider “living” things, or it can be very subtle as with objects made from wood or stone. Even human created items (polyester, plastic, etc) have an energy signature, even if many energy sensitives find it either unappealing or almost non-existant. When we look for that energy signature, we try to find those items whose signatures resonate with us, and make us feel whole or healthy. The items with these qualities tend to be from nature. I suspect this is why many of the older cultures on earth have a special reverence for the pieces of nature that surround them.

Many people collect stones for their energetic influences, otherwise known as metaphysical properties. People learn what a stone “means” from a book or on the internet and then determine with which ones they would like to connect. What I have learned is that you can’t always go by that, except in a very general sense. Just like the members of a family have a tendancy to be alike, you can still find the odd one out! When you see the energy of the stone as a friend, teacher or guide, you realize how challenging it is to accept a stone sight unseen. The fit has to be right!

For example, one of my favorite stones is lepidolite. I have a beautiful piece that I keep near my bed, and often under my pillow. It is a lovely stone and is a reminder of the dream world I love so much to explore. It is said that each piece of lepidolite has a guardian spirit, and that the stone chooses its keeper. There are other stones like that, too. Stones that choose who they want to be near. If you try to establish a connection to one of these stones without its approval, you will likely lose it. It will disappear one fine day and you simply won’t be able to find it. It may have dropped out of your pocket, fell out of its setting, or something similar. It seems this is also true when a stone you have had for a while decides it is time to move on. When that happens, you can search high and low with no luck.

Whether you like knowing the metaphysical properties of stones or not, it is likely that you have certain stones, perhaps as jewelry, that you tend to find appealing. Sapphires, diamonds, rubies … they are still stones and have energetic signatures that I believe we “hear,” whether it be consciously or not. Many people feel that crystals are an advanced energy form, or at least the symbol of enlightenment. I remember reading A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle, where he explains it this way:

What could be heavier and more impenetrable than a rock, the densest of all forms? And yet some rocks undergo a change in their molecular structure, turn into crystals, and so become transparent to the light. Some carbons, under inconceivable heat and pressure, turn into diamonds, and some heavy minerals into other precious stones. [….] Since time immemorial, flowers, crystals, precious stones, and birds have held special significance for the human spirit.

What if meditating on this concept might help us reach our own enlightenment? Just as an experiment, why not try meditating with one of your favorite stones, or jewelry pieces? Remember that jewelry generally has metal too, and that has a signature as well. So, as a piece of jewelry, you may get a very different kind of answer than you would with the stone by itself. Your answer is likely to be no less valid for that. After all, you wear it as a whole piece.

Whenever meditating, I always recommend engulfing yourself in light, calling in the quarters, or creating some other form of sacred space before you begin. As you go into trance, seek the spirit of the stone. Ask it what it is bringing to your life right now. I really suggest you try this without looking up the meaning of the stone, metal or other setting. That isn’t any kind of rule, though, so go ahead and check yourself if you want. Just remember that what you get from this meditation – what the stone brings you – may or may not be part of its commonly known metaphysical properties.

Some people see this kind of meditation as an of oracle for their life questions. Others see it as representative of Jungian archetypes, and therefore a clue into their inner psyche. Still others see this meditative connection as establishing a bond with energetic entities who may be teachers, guides or friends. No matter how you rationalize it with words, I believe that you can gain insight, strength and sometimes even healing from spending quiet time with rocks. At a bare minimum, even if you find you can’t let your imagination go in this direction, you can still benefit from the quiet time in your head!


2 thoughts on “Stones, Rocks, Crystals … Friends

  1. What a helpful, practical, yet spiritually enriching view of stones! I am a new reader to your blog, and I’m enjoying both the style of your writing, and the messages within. I, too, collect stones (and pinecones); I carry different stones both in my pockets and in a spiral cage attached to a necklace.

    Thank you for the wisdom of your blog, and keep up the beautiful writing!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! Like you, I spend almost every day with “rocks in my pocket,” and more around my neck, wrists or fingers. I feel naked without them.

    Thank you for dropping by – It’s always a blessing to meet a kindred spirit!

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