Seasons of Sumac and Larimar

Before you can really take on something new, you have to let go of the old stuff that isn’t serving you anymore. It’s kind of like cleaning out your closet before you go shopping. Every life is like that. There is only so much we can fit in to our days, and every thing we are willing to release makes room for something new to fill that space. As a general principle, I have been aware of this for years.

Recently, I was meditating on the question of what I needed to do to position myself for success with a new business venture that I will be launching (more posts on that soon!). The image that came to mind was that of our lovely sumac bush. I saw it dropping its branches in the fall and pushing out new, larger branches in the spring. It was crystal clear to me that I needed to be willing to release my past or it would slow down the success in my future!

How to let go? Releasing and letting go are largely psychological activities. Physical objects and situations disappear when the psychological ties to them are gone. I know this, so I realize that this release is largely in my head. I was gifted with the image of the sumac, so that gave me a visualization to tie to my letting go process. I am visual in my deepest channel, so I really think that the image of the sumac dropping its branches and growing new is the absolute perfect movie to replay in my head during meditation sessions.

Loving trees AND rocks, I went to a local rock shop and spoke with the very knowledgeable owner about what was going on in my life. She suggested that I spend some time with larimar, as that helps connect to divinely feminine energies and it assists in letting go of those things that don’t serve anymore. Sounds perfect, and it ties in wonderfully with the visual meditation I have taken on. I love when synchronicity puts a bow on the gift!

So, I now take time to meditate regularly next to a lovely sumac in full summertime bushiness, with my beautiful rock, set in a pendant, lying against my skin. I imagine letting go of who I have been as I get ready to embrace the woman I am becoming. I feel a lightness of being infuse my spirit and even my daughter has noted how much more joyful I am becoming. I am smiling again and laughing at little things. I am finding energy to do the things that need doing and that will surely help pave the way for success!

Rocks and Trees for Releasing


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