Soul Songs

Open mine eyes that I may see
Glimpses of Truth, I ask of Thee
Open mine eyes, illumine me
Spirit Divine!
~  Cris Williamson (Song of the Soul)

When I think of spiritual joy, singing often comes to mind. There is something amazing that takes place when we sing out our love of spirit. I loved it as a Christian, and I still love it as I stand in this space of no labels. (OK. So, my daughter calls me a Christo-pagan, but I just consider myself a spiritual journeywoman!)

I loved – and still love – the old hymns. My mom used to tell the story that Rock of Ages was my favorite song as a baby. This is My Father’s World, We are One in the Spirit, Morning Has Broken, Lord of the Dance, and Here I am Lord all still play in the radio of my mind. Yes, I have music in my head almost all the time – doesn’t everyone? -Grin!-

My tastes have expanded and changed through the years and the twists and turns of my journey. Lots of Chanting, New Age and Native musicians now decorate my playlists. Deva Premal, Joanne Shenandoah, Carlos Nakai, Alice Gomez, Brooke Medicine Eagle and Kitaro all have songs that take me to that magical, mystical place that exists somewhere outside this dimension when I listen to them. Too, I discovered Enya about 20 years ago and I love her still. Anywhere Is and It’s in the Rain are among my favorite songs of all time. The works of these musicians touch me in a way that goes beyond my power of words to describe.

Whether it is a church hymn, or simply a song of spirit, my idea of a good soul song has a melody and words that transport me to another place. It is meditative, but even more than that … it evokes emotions, images and it literally causes the front of my brain to feel like it shifts to a different world. I would swear that my brain resonates in some way! It is powerful stuff, too. I frequently experience insights into issues that need resolving after letting my mind drift to the music. Sometimes, as with Lord of the Dance, I may find myself both singing and dancing as my mind lets go of this world around me.

Music is amazing. It touches people of all ages, all faiths, all cultures. Education doesn’t matter. Neither does intelligence or wealth. You don’t have to be a good singer or musician yourself. You just have to be willing to listen. Even deaf people have been known to find joy in the rhythms they feel through the musical vibrations. Truly, music is a language that speaks to us all.

That’s why I think that hymns and other forms of soul song actually may be touching on the voice of the Divine, musical forms of sacred geometry or some mystic language that evokes the magic in us. When I see the recommendations online to sing every day as a way of raising your vibration, helping with depression and connecting to your soul … I just have to nod to myself, because it makes so much sense to me.

I recognize, though, that I am an auditory learner and so I wonder if this is true for everyone? How about you? Is music one of the keys to your soul? If you have a favorite song or musician, please feel free to post here and share!


3 thoughts on “Soul Songs

  1. I love music, too, but don’t resonate quite so deeply with it as you do, Didi. Jim, my husband, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over 4 years ago, loves music, especially traditional Country where he can hear every word. His deepest channel is the auditory one. Mines in the middle so I’m an auditory processor.

  2. I love music and think that singing is food for the soul. I love world music and klezmer.

    I am very fond of Unitarian hymns, which tend to be more about trees and landscapes and don’t involve anyone getting nailed to anything. I wish that more of them had tunes reminiscent of Eastern European music, though – there are a couple from the Transylvanian Unitarian tradition which have beautiful tunes (e.g. Mother Spirit, Father Spirit or Mati Sveta). One of my favourite UU songs is Peter Mayer’s Blue Boat Home (tune: Hyfrydol).

    I wish that Pagan chants and songs had more depth to both the words and the music. One of my favourite Pagan chants is “Tall trees, warm fires” but it needs more verses. Also the Mabon song by Silver on the Tree is brilliant; and anything by Carolyn Hillyer, who is a genius (author of the classic song, Tread gently on the Earth. I also like the chant “I am the heartbeat of the circle”. And “The river it is flowing” – particularly the second verse about the Moon.

    • What a wonderful list of songs, Yvonne! I don’t know them all … yet. I agree that I would wish the pagan songs to have more depth. I do like Circle of Love, but it is more of a chant than a regular song. Thank you so much for the song titles!

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