Introducing the Breath of Success Meditation Blog

Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats

This week, I am a bit focused on the practical and the pragmatic side of spirit (yes, there is one!). Integrating spirit and work into a cohesive approach to living makes one realize that there really is no line between the world of spirit and the rest of life. Everything we do is an opportunity to be in the now, to practice presence, to listen for the voice of our guides. As I listen to that still, small voice, I learn to move when it tells me and that is how this week is already starting to look very full!

First off, it may have taken me a while, but I have finally fired up the business blog. The focus will be on meditation and mindfulness techniques and how that can improve business performance and job satisfaction. If that interests you, please hop on over and check it out:

Over on this side of the river, I will be continuing to ramble on about my passion for life, nature, spirit and learning to awaken my soul. In the process, and while I continue to assistant teach with my friend and mentor, Ann Marie Waterhouse of Eagle Heart Consulting, I will be hosting classes on shamanic journey techniques, Reiki, and meditation coaching from my own home. I will also be assisting the Namaste Retreat Center at a few local shows, so I hope that any of you in the area will consider popping in at the Well-Life Expo in Madison at the end of October or the Wide Awake conference in the Lake Geneva / Delavan area the first weekend in November. 

I don’t want to leave out my non-local friends, so I am also developing some material for an e-course or two  – more info coming soon!! It’s not a spoiler to say that I really believe it is going to be both fun and informative – promise!

Life is so amazing and awe-inspiring and joy-filled! You can probably tell that I am excited to share all of this with you. As my journey continues to show me its wonders, I promise to share any conundrums, questions and insights I discover along the way. After all, I really look forward to your comments and insights as well!

Talk to you soon!


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