Spirit O2

When you fly in a plane, they always give the pre-flight spiel … you know the one: how to buckle your seat belt, a request to please turn off and stow away electronic devices and the all-important explanation of how to proceed should the pressure drop in the cabin and the oxygen masks descend. They always remind you to take care of your own oxygen mask first, before helping anyone else. I was thinking this morning about how that is good advice in so many other areas of life as well!

Specifically, as we each work at our own enlightenment / ascension process, we learn things that give such an “aha!” moment, we want to shout it from the rooftops. We want to share it with all those we love, and maybe even some of the people that annoy us. Either way, we really want to blast this aha moment out to the world. In short, we want to change the world by putting their oxygen mask on. This is a wonderful feeling, and isn’t that a wonderful life’s purpose? To help raise the vibration of everyone on the planet?

If we haven’t taken the time to absorb and integrate the insight into the way we live our lives, we are living out the metaphor of the person trying to give oxygen before we get our own in place. How do you know if you have put on your metaphorical oxygen mask? It is pretty simple, really. Ask yourself if you are living out what you have learned? Have you put in enough time and space to know that this isn’t a flash-in-the-pan, that you don’t have to dig for a deeper truth?

If you can’t answer affirmatively to those kinds of questions, give it some time and allow the insight to change how you see and act in the world. Once you have integrated the insight, you will likely still feel drawn to share what you have learned, and you should! As a community, we learn from each other and we need your light, so don’t forget to share and shine.


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