Pedal to the Metal

Image used via creative commons license ( redtimmy ). Use of this image does not constitute endorsement in any form.

Do you feel it, just under your skin? There is a sense of impeding something in the air. Maybe it is just autumn, or the energies of the equinox, but I have spoken to quite a few others that are also feeling it. So, I can’t help but wonder if it has to do with what I hope will be the upcoming shift for mankind? This could be the home stretch for kicking off change on a global scale!

Many peoples and prophecies seem to be culminating now, and there are a lot of interpretations about what we might expect. I have mentioned in a previous post that I believe this is about a new beginning, rather than an apocalyptic ending. Everything, including my own senses, points to a sudden acceleration of change as we head toward the end of the year. The equinox seems to have kicked things into a higher gear!  If our lives were a car, we’d be burying that accelerator … pedal to the metal, baby!

I don’t pretend to know exactly what will happen, or how things might change, but my imagination does tend to ramble in that direction fairly often. I don’t think it will suddenly become idyllic or “perfect.” I am not sure any two people could agree on what constitutes perfection, anyway! What I do hope for is a chance to change the world based on a different code of ethics. I would like to see greed diminish, and people focus on what other ways, sustainable ways, we can satisfy the itches in us for meaning.

I look around me and see places like the National Economics Foundation in Britain, where they work on defining the economic piece of the puzzle surrounding what makes us happy. That’s the key, isn’t it? We all want to be happy, and we want our goals to bring us closer to happiness. I am excited to know that people like them are out there, trying to birth the new economic paradigm. Even if they don’t have it figured out, they are working on it. How exciting!

There are people like Lynn Serafinn, who is trying to redefine marketing strategies in this new economy. She’s written a book on the topic, and has a website as well. (NB, her website is not kept current in terms of events, but the focus is still valuable.) The big questions that I took away from her book include how do you sell to someone, if you refuse to promote fear or lack in your approach? How do we sell our product within a morality and ethos of thriving abundance? These are not easy questions and Ms Serafinn doesn’t have all the answers, but she has brought together a community of souls to work on these questions and more. Kudos to her!

The numbers of people working on this and related topics are growing all the time. Every time I browse the net, I find more sites that are giving their own answers to the key question: How do we envision this new world? After all, where we put our vision and our intent is where the creative juices will flow.

Sometimes, I think I need to sit down and try to put together an alternative future history novel with my imaginings of how this might play out, but I doubt I could write it fast enough!  So, instead, I occasionally toss ideas out here, to you. After all, you are among those creating the new world. Every day, we each make choices about what is important and what isn’t. You may boycott a company that has a disregard for human life or support a Carrotmob effort to effect positive change. I may decide to buy local, organic, or both. You may join in on Meatless Monday, or participate in (or start up!) a local dollars work exchange like in my home city of Madison. Whatever choices we make, we are helping to build the future.

The best part is that none of us is alone. We are all co-creators. We each play our own notes in this symphony, but the music is so much greater than any one of us.  I think our purpose in this time of change is to learn to play your own notes well. We need to each be our most authentic self and follow that inner voice. I am convinced that, if we do, the music we make together will be nothing short of amazing.

I am so excited to see what we come up with!


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