One of the most important skills we pick up as we awaken to our innermost self is that of discernment. When we are presented with an option, a “fact,” or a point of view, we learn to automatically turn to our inner space to see if it resonates or not. I am not talking about whether we find a particular thing appealing, but whether that inner field of energy gives us a thumb’s up or down on incorporating that new thing into our personal life story.

I have had many times where an option in front of me that seemed undesirable in some way was the one that got the internal thumb’s up. When I trusted that over my mental construct of what was appealing to me, I have always found that internal nudge to bring positivity into my life. In fact, some of my best memories come from just such nudges.

If it is on the Internet, it must be true!

I am bringing this up because I have seen a lot of lists online lately about the “signs that you are awakening.” There are certain standard items that appear on all of them (worrying less, joyful more, etc), but many of them also include other items that, frankly, I am not so sure about. That is when discernment comes to play.

When we trust blindly, we are putting our truth-o-meter in someone else’s hands. As we take responsibility for all aspects of our lives, we learn that being part of a global body or a global consciousness does not mean that we will all process information the same way, or go through the same awakening process. Basically, what is true for one part of that multi-dimensional being may not be true for another part. Each of us is responsible for discerning the bits that work within our own life.

Think of it this way: The hand has a totally different function than the foot, the shoulder or the spleen. The nutritional energy that makes its way to each body part gets used according to that part’s function. The body needs different things from each part, and so the demands on it are different and the energy gets used accordingly. I believe the same can be said for the role each of us plays in the unity consciousness. Awakening does not mean we will automatically drop all differences and become Stepford Wives. I feel pretty confident that the differences between us will be managed in less confrontational ways than we generally use now, but I am just as confident that differences will remain. Difference (ie diversity!) is good and friction is not always a bad thing. It is how we handle the friction that can be unhealthy. Often, friction is actually a necessary component for growth!

Caveat emptor! (Let the buyer beware!)

To be fair, I believe that most of these sites are expecting you to gauge the truth of their posts with your own process of discernment. As for the lists of “signs that you are awakening,” one that I would add to the list is that you no longer look to others to validate your journey! So, when it comes down to advice, tips, lists or “seeds of wisdom” (even from me!), always check it against your internal truth-o-meter. Recognize that one person’s truth is not always the same as yours, and the only solid growth you can have is when you build upon your own.


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