One of the ideas that has repeatedly been presenting itself to me over the course of the last several weeks is that, through the Akashic Field, we all have access to unlimited information. I have had a stranger tell me that I would remember a skill as a specialized kind of tone-based healer from a past life, and that I would not need to be taught. I have had a shamanic journey where I was given a ritual to aid in “downloading” information from the field. I was given access to a free ebook that was a novel about the Akashic Field, and touched upon this topic. I was signed up for a free seminar which I thought was about one topic, but which wound up going into this process of remembering instead. I joined a forum, where the current topic of discussion was … you guessed it. I described it to some friends recently as reminiscent of the moment in the story when someone in the street has a handful of pebbles which they keep tossing up to your window one at a time, interrupting you and catching your attention repeatedly until you open the window to find out what they want.

Generally, when things bunch up like this on a specific topic, I cry “Uncle!” and admit that the Universe is trying to get me to open that window to find out what it wants. In this particular case, the idea of remembering skills is both appealing and unnerving. I suspect most of you get the appealing part, but unnerving?  To put it bluntly, this lesson will mean moving out of sight of those comfortable shores that define my old way of thinking. Time for adventure!

I have been blinded by (outdated) science

“If I can’t see it, measure it, quantify it, or in some way analyze it, it must not be real.” This assumption was a large part of my personal background. At the same time, I believed in Spirit from the time I was small. I saw things and felt things that others couldn’t. At one point, I even believed and internalized the idea that, if others couldn’t see auras or watch future events in their dreams, then it must be that I am crazy, or plagued by demons, or something! So you see, I have always had an uneasy dance going on between my belief in the physical world and my conviction that there is more to it.

The analytical mind thinks in terms of the “old” accepted paradigm of the world. It insists that learning to do anything takes time. It further suggests that we experience time in a linear way. It presumes that each individual is just that – an individual. Recent quantum research has begun to question each of these assumptions, but that newer perspective has just begun to be absorbed into the general culture.

Categorizing and experiencing life by only 5 senses has led us to assume that some people are simply incapable of learning certain things, and some are gifted at those very same things. This is based on the idea that we are all individuals, each with an isolated brain which is the sole repository of our mind. We force ourselves to start from scratch whenever we learn anything new, and since no one has ever shown us any different, most of us assume that is the only way.

If we seriously consider this concept of remembering skills by pulling the information out of the Akashic Field, it throws much of our current understandings out the window. Think about it. If a person can tap into a “database” that includes all the skills learned by anyone, anywhere, and any when, that would fly in the face of current understandings about mind, psychology, how we learn, etc. If any skill you desire is one that you can become good at, simply by pulling the information from the Akashic Field, integrating it, and then using it … off you go as a competent or skilled practitioner. This would certainly change how we teach any skill, if “teaching” would even be the appropriate word at that point. Our skills would be limited only by the desire we have to accumulate them. For the most part, we would all have the same potential, even if we would remain unique expressions of that potential. This would change everything.

This idea makes me think of the character, Neo, in the blockbuster movie, “The Matrix.” If you have seen that movie, you probably remember the scene where he first downloads the skills to be an expert martial arts fighter. It takes him a few movie-minutes to integrate what he has learned, but he is soon experiencing expert practice sessions with his mentor, Morpheus. This is possible because of the Matrix, a repository for all kinds of information and the fabric of what most people in the movie believe is reality. In some ways, the movie’s “Matrix” is the equivalent of our “Akashic Field.”

Extending this downloading idea to our world would be possible only through Unity. For this to be real, Unity Consciousness must be real as well. This changes our perception of reality. Many of us have an intellectual belief that the world is “maya,” or a dream, or Plato’s shadow of reality. However, the ability to download skills would be a line drawn in the sand between intellectually believing this to be true, and living it.

Something gained. Something lost.

We have a strong tendency in our western culture to build an identity on the perceived value of the skills we have managed to master. This is an ego-driven desire, and prompts people to work hard to be seen as more valuable than others. Whether it be prestige or fame or money, we use these identities we have created as symbols of our value.

Our entire society has a foundation that includes the idea that some people know certain things, and others know different things. What would it mean for our world if anyone could do anything they were willing to take on? How can anyone say that it is more valuable to know X than it is to know Y if a person could learn either? Don’t we all know people who love to know something others don’t? Or people who think their value is not intrinsic, but is determined by their ability to sing, program, sell, calculate or paint? This ability to simply scoop data from the Field would seriously undermine the ego identity that is the core of how most people perceive themselves.

Let’s Shift Gears!

Having expressed all of this concern, what’s next? The old paradigm seems to want us constantly on the edge of fight or flight. It promotes hesitation about change, especially this kind of change. You know what I mean; the kind of change that modifies how we think and perceive reality. And that’s the point. On a global scale, the old mindset is dying and it knows it, so those who still believe in it are holding on to the past for dear life.

I am sure you have guessed that what we are talking about here is actually a core piece of what has become known as The Shift. In Unity, the pieces of perception are so entwined that it is never about changing our ideas or beliefs on a single concept, like how we learn a new skill. That one idea is connected to another over here, and a third over there … and before we know it, there is an entire web of reality that has shifted with the movement of a single core belief.

What do you think? Are you an experienced practitioner of the art of remembering? What kinds of things have you remembered this way?