One of the ideas that has repeatedly been presenting itself to me over the course of the last several weeks is that, through the Akashic Field, we all have access to unlimited information. I have had a stranger tell me that I would remember a skill as a specialized kind of tone-based healer from a past life, and that I would not need to be taught. I have had a shamanic journey where I was given a ritual to aid in “downloading” information from the field. I was given access to a free ebook that was a novel about the Akashic Field, and touched upon this topic. I was signed up for a free seminar which I thought was about one topic, but which wound up going into this process of remembering instead. I joined a forum, where the current topic of discussion was … you guessed it. I described it to some friends recently as reminiscent of the moment in the story when someone in the street has a handful of pebbles which they keep tossing up to your window one at a time, interrupting you and catching your attention repeatedly until you open the window to find out what they want.

Generally, when things bunch up like this on a specific topic, I cry “Uncle!” and admit that the Universe is trying to get me to open that window to find out what it wants. In this particular case, the idea of remembering skills is both appealing and unnerving. I suspect most of you get the appealing part, but unnerving?  To put it bluntly, this lesson will mean moving out of sight of those comfortable shores that define my old way of thinking. Time for adventure!

I have been blinded by (outdated) science

“If I can’t see it, measure it, quantify it, or in some way analyze it, it must not be real.” This assumption was a large part of my personal background. At the same time, I believed in Spirit from the time I was small. I saw things and felt things that others couldn’t. At one point, I even believed and internalized the idea that, if others couldn’t see auras or watch future events in their dreams, then it must be that I am crazy, or plagued by demons, or something! So you see, I have always had an uneasy dance going on between my belief in the physical world and my conviction that there is more to it.

The analytical mind thinks in terms of the “old” accepted paradigm of the world. It insists that learning to do anything takes time. It further suggests that we experience time in a linear way. It presumes that each individual is just that – an individual. Recent quantum research has begun to question each of these assumptions, but that newer perspective has just begun to be absorbed into the general culture.

Categorizing and experiencing life by only 5 senses has led us to assume that some people are simply incapable of learning certain things, and some are gifted at those very same things. This is based on the idea that we are all individuals, each with an isolated brain which is the sole repository of our mind. We force ourselves to start from scratch whenever we learn anything new, and since no one has ever shown us any different, most of us assume that is the only way.

If we seriously consider this concept of remembering skills by pulling the information out of the Akashic Field, it throws much of our current understandings out the window. Think about it. If a person can tap into a “database” that includes all the skills learned by anyone, anywhere, and any when, that would fly in the face of current understandings about mind, psychology, how we learn, etc. If any skill you desire is one that you can become good at, simply by pulling the information from the Akashic Field, integrating it, and then using it … off you go as a competent or skilled practitioner. This would certainly change how we teach any skill, if “teaching” would even be the appropriate word at that point. Our skills would be limited only by the desire we have to accumulate them. For the most part, we would all have the same potential, even if we would remain unique expressions of that potential. This would change everything.

This idea makes me think of the character, Neo, in the blockbuster movie, “The Matrix.” If you have seen that movie, you probably remember the scene where he first downloads the skills to be an expert martial arts fighter. It takes him a few movie-minutes to integrate what he has learned, but he is soon experiencing expert practice sessions with his mentor, Morpheus. This is possible because of the Matrix, a repository for all kinds of information and the fabric of what most people in the movie believe is reality. In some ways, the movie’s “Matrix” is the equivalent of our “Akashic Field.”

Extending this downloading idea to our world would be possible only through Unity. For this to be real, Unity Consciousness must be real as well. This changes our perception of reality. Many of us have an intellectual belief that the world is “maya,” or a dream, or Plato’s shadow of reality. However, the ability to download skills would be a line drawn in the sand between intellectually believing this to be true, and living it.

Something gained. Something lost.

We have a strong tendency in our western culture to build an identity on the perceived value of the skills we have managed to master. This is an ego-driven desire, and prompts people to work hard to be seen as more valuable than others. Whether it be prestige or fame or money, we use these identities we have created as symbols of our value.

Our entire society has a foundation that includes the idea that some people know certain things, and others know different things. What would it mean for our world if anyone could do anything they were willing to take on? How can anyone say that it is more valuable to know X than it is to know Y if a person could learn either? Don’t we all know people who love to know something others don’t? Or people who think their value is not intrinsic, but is determined by their ability to sing, program, sell, calculate or paint? This ability to simply scoop data from the Field would seriously undermine the ego identity that is the core of how most people perceive themselves.

Let’s Shift Gears!

Having expressed all of this concern, what’s next? The old paradigm seems to want us constantly on the edge of fight or flight. It promotes hesitation about change, especially this kind of change. You know what I mean; the kind of change that modifies how we think and perceive reality. And that’s the point. On a global scale, the old mindset is dying and it knows it, so those who still believe in it are holding on to the past for dear life.

I am sure you have guessed that what we are talking about here is actually a core piece of what has become known as The Shift. In Unity, the pieces of perception are so entwined that it is never about changing our ideas or beliefs on a single concept, like how we learn a new skill. That one idea is connected to another over here, and a third over there … and before we know it, there is an entire web of reality that has shifted with the movement of a single core belief.

What do you think? Are you an experienced practitioner of the art of remembering? What kinds of things have you remembered this way?


Change your thoughts, change the world

Somehow, whether it be by genetics, environment, or a combination of the two, we all developed this idea that there is not enough to go around. If I want to make sure that I will have enough for next week or next year, I have to hoard everything I can get my hands on to ensure my survival. This is considered poverty or paucity thinking. We think and react as though we are on the very brink of destitution. Our very lives depend on our ability to hoard and protect the hoard we have collected.

The irony, of course, is that the more people hoard, the more it appears true that there is not enough. We can see that there is not enough. There are people starving (while food is rotting in refrigerators and warehouses around the world). There are people with no homes (while the foreclosed homes outnumber the homeless in the USA). There are people who have no money to even buy a bagel or cup of coffee (while billions of dollars, euros, rubles and pounds sit in banks doing nothing but collecting interest).

How we got to this point is a good question, but I think it would easily lead to recriminations and would trigger the self-defense mechanisms we have all honed to a fine skill. The potentially world-changing question is what shall we do, now that we are here? We have the technology, the intelligence and the networking ability to correct almost every basic problem (food, clothing, shelter) on the planet. What we lack is the will to do what needs doing to correct the imbalance.

Perhaps the most challenging of all is to deal with the fact that those who have more than they need must share with those who have nothing. That goes against the survival instincts of the “lizard brain” we each possess. Just the thought of giving away these keys to survival causes the grip to tighten. As long as we truly believe this is a dog-eat-dog world, our belief will influence how we react to the needs of others, and therefore we make it true.

It doesn’t have to be that way, of course. Have you ever participated in, or even just seen, a trust exercise called “lap sitting?” I have seen it at acting classes and at leadership seminars, and I have been fortunate enough to participate in it more than once.. It is the most amazing thing. Everyone stands a foot or so apart  in a circle, facing in the same direction. On cue, everyone carefully sits down. With no chair in sight, we are all able to comfortably sit on the knees of the person behind us. All it would take would be for one person to distrust the process and everyone would fall. Yet, it works.

Clarkson University students attempt to set a lap sitting record. Image from the Watertown Daily Times, Feb 5, 2010.

Take this mentality and imagine applying it to almost anything. If we would each be willing to be the lap for the person in front of us, we could all sit comfortably. It is more than just possible. We could all eat. We could all have clothing and shelter. Survival doesn’t have to be optional.

We would have to change how we think about ownership and community and social responsibility. Each one of us would have to be willing to integrate this change into our lives. This would reverberate through our culture and alter our economic paradigm, and change how we handle various situations. I honestly believe it would allow people to begin to heal the trust issues we all have with each other. We would learn to be there for each other. “Ubuntu: I am because we are.” This healing would ripple across the world. I am not suggesting this would create an utopia, as we humans would certainly find the next thing that needs our attention. We always do – it is part of our effort to strive to thrive. Even so, this would be a building block for a different world. You see, I believe that we are creating tomorrow with every action, thought and conviction we allow into our lives today. I also believe in the quote by Lao Tzu, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” If we don’t take that step, the journey has yet to begin.

Think on it … and let me know what your thoughts are. Can you imagine what we can do now to help make this happen? Or do you think I am crazy and this isn’t the way to go? If so, why? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Letting Go


Not being catholic, I have somewhat of an outsider’s view of the Lenten season. Mind you, Catholics aren’t the only ones who celebrate Lent, but they are certainly the most visible – especially on the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday.

From my experience, Lent is usually honored by giving up something that you enjoy. The thought has been explained to me as as a sacrifice to echo the sacrifice of Christ, though I have recently read of other interpretations. The idea is to recognize how challenging it is to give up that one small thing (even if it is usually to our own benefit in some way), and to therefore appreciate how great a sacrifice was done on our behalf.

I was thinking about this idea of sacrifice over the last few days, since I often choose Lent as the perfect time to give up something. After all, there is a lot of support out there for letting go at this one time of the year. Take advantage of the communal energy! When I participate in this process, I like to look at it as giving up something so I can see what kind of hold that thing has over my life and evaluate whether I am willing for that hold to continue.

Frankly, my concept of Lent has changed over time. It used to be more in alignment with sacrifice, but this year, I am seeing things a bit differently. I realize that the sentiment behind “sacrifice” is that it should be something you enjoy or want to continue doing, so that giving it up is in some way unpleasant. What I am realizing is that giving things up doesn’t have to be unpleasant to be beneficial. My spiritual life and my physical life can both see benefits if I do this right.

I recently read some comments from a Buddhist monk who explained that monks were only allowed to own 8 things, and those 8 things were actually predefined. This idea coinciding with the timing of Lent made me think of the possibility of giving up ownership, or at least reducing my ownership footprint. I read a new slogan somewhere on the web: “Don’t declutter. De-own.” Sounds scary … and that means it is powerful.

I certainly own a lot more than 8 things. Honestly, I own a lot more than the 100 Things that another blogger suggested. I grew up in a poor household and it was made very clear to me at a very young age that how much stuff a person owned was a measure to compare oneself against. Many family members were hoarders, though I doubt very much that any of them would admit it. When I moved in with my current partner, I think I was well on my way to becoming a hoarder, myself. She, however, is not a hoarder. In some parts of her life, she is downright minimalist. Needless to say, my collection of stuff drove her nuts!

We broke up for a while due, in part, to this very issue. During that time, I came to realize that I really identified with my stuff. When she didn’t want things out where it was visible to guests, I felt like she didn’t want me to be visible. When she would gently suggest downsizing some of my collection, I felt she was wanting to downsize or diminish me! It sounds crazy, I know. From what I can tell though, this is very much how hoarders feel. I now call this syndrome being “stuff sick.” The love I felt for her forced me to face this about myself, and I truly believe she pulled me back from the brink of becoming a hoarder.

Over the years, I have learned to let go, to hold on less and less. She taught me that memories and emotions might be triggered by seeing certain things, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep them. If the object serves no practical purpose, we can take a picture of the thing and let the actual object go. It is a process and I am still not as good at it as she is, but I keep improving.

Which brings me to the idea of Lent 2013.

My idea for this year goes beyond sacrifice into the value of reviewing what defines me. I am not willing to be defined by these things I enjoy. I can give them up and still be me. So, I have decided to give up ownership of one thing each day. At the end of the month, these things will go to Goodwill / Savers. Instead of giving up chocolate or sweets or some other decadence I enjoy, I am going to commit to releasing one item for each of the 40 days. My rules to myself are that I can’t just give up a pair of shoes and count it for 2 days, nor would a box of office supplies count for any more than a single day’s gifting. It can’t be something I simply don’t care about either. To be a valid sign of my healthier attitude toward the things in my possession, I am committing to giving away things I am holding onto “just in case.” If you know anyone with hoarder instincts, this is tough! 20 years in the computer industry simply reinforced that tendency in me, so I am sure this will be a challenge.

Day 1 is going to be a handful of books that I always meant to read, but haven’t. These particular books have been in my “to-read” pile for more than 3 years. I love books and letting them go is never easy for me. Sigh. Time to let them go.

Whew! One day down!

Are you taking advantage of this letting go energy? What has Spirit prompted you to let go of?

Soul Lodestone

This image is of a lodestone, as depicted in the info article on Wikipedia. Clicking the image will take you to the article.

As I was meditating this morning, it came to me that when I use my favorite abundance affirmation, “I surrender to the flow of abundance that already surrounds me,” I am actually surrendering to the creative principle of the Divine.

My perception of this creative principle is sort of like a primordial soup, where all the elements necessary for anything I might imagine are swirling about, waiting to be pulled into form. When we are open to this flow, we become a lodestone, drawing to us the things we have magnetized by our prayers, our desires, our emotions.

Connect your heart to your words

I mention emotions because I truly believe that they are the power behind any prayer, any desire. When we pray, most of us have been taught to use words. I see no problem with this, except that we each need to realize that words are most effective when we let them be triggers, releasing the power of emotions to the focus of the prayer. The more deeply we feel the sentiment of the prayer, the more magnetized our soul becomes to draw the desired outcome into being.

That is simplified of course, and a lot more plays into it. For example, to manifest effectively, we need to have our intention aligned with the Divine (I will to will Thy will), and we need to truly be receptive to the outcome. How many of us pray for help with a problem … perhaps a money issue? … when we really don’t believe we are worthy of the resolution? If this is you, don’t feel too badly. You are not alone.

Are you strong enough to surrender?

This is why I pray for enough strength and trust to surrender. Huh? Strength to surrender? Many might think that concept doesn’t make sense. But it does! When we are strong in our sense of self, the paradox arises that we become most able to trust that self to retain or improve its core being with the changes that inevitably come with surrender to the Divine Will. Imagine a person who is so confident in their abilities that they are willing to stand up to both authority and / or bullies, without fear. Now, take that image and see if you can shift it a bit: Trust that your core is real enough, true enough, strong enough that surrender to the Divine is simply acknowledging that It is your very Source. How can you possibly be afraid of what sustains you?

We often hear about surrendering to God as an abdication of our selfhood. I even met a man once, who said that he was afraid that if he surrendered completely to God he would be sent to be a missionary in a place he didn’t want to go. That fear held him back for a very long time! He was afraid that God’s ideas for his life might not line up with how he wanted things to go. Think about that for a minute. He was afraid that his will and God’s will were different and his ego wanted his own will to win out!

Maybe the question comes down to whether you believe your ego IS you? I am telling you it is not, but I don’t expect you to necessarily believe me. I have found out that people need to come to this realization all on their own, and no amount of insight from strangers will force it upon them. However, it might make them think. So, I am one of many asking you to consider whether that might be a false belief. Check out Eckhart Tolle, as any of his books go into this topic far better than I can.

So, back to surrendering: When you know that your core self is sourced from the Divine, you suddenly realize that you aren’t surrendering to anything truly “other.” You trust in the Divine, but that trust is a judgement call that the soul has made based on the knowledge that you are truly a cupful of God-energy in human form. To me, that is the ultimate sense of one’s self as a multi-dimensional being and proof of a solid faith in the soul’s power of discernment.

You are not who you thought you were

As we awaken to a more complete sense of our self identity as multi-dimensional beings, I think that the fears of the little three dimensional being we thought we were will all disappear. We will know that we are more than what we ever understood before, and we’ll recognize that it is ok to trust the flow of the creative principle. At that point, we will recognize that the prayer doesn’t just change the outer world in the form of manifesting what we hope, it also changes the inner self to open the doors for that manifestation to take place.

Then, FINALLY, we shall see ourselves as an integral part of the equation and our ability to manifest our heart’s desire, in alignment with Divine Will, will be endless.

Life is Amazing

My vision board for 2012 – WOW! So much of this has manifested already!

2012 is turning out to be an amazing ride! It looks like I am going to be leveraging my new business as a consultant with a local wellness center. I am very excited about this and more details will be following as soon as things settle into their final form.

Also coming soon to a screen near you, is a website that will eventually become the host for this blog and for breath of success. I hope to use this new site as a launching pad for some online courses that I am working on as well. I am very excited about this first course I am putting together for you, and I look forward to getting it ready for prime time!

Short blogpost this week as I am trying to get things moving along for the conversion to the new space.Things here should approach “normal” (whatever that is!) by next week. In the meantime, I am sending you all lots of positive energy, and hope you are finding time for inner reflection as the fall begins here in the northern hemisphere.

I hope this find you well, and don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the Blog Action Day posts coming up all over the blogosphere on October 15th. This year’s topic is The Power of WE … and you know that the universal energy out there is going right in line with this topic. There should be lots of great reading in just a few short weeks!


STEP it up!

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Hello Folks!

I just wanted to give you a head’s up on a new page I have put together on Facebook. It is called Shifting The Economic Paradigm (STEP). The purpose of the page is to gather together information related to the upcoming shift in the economy and in how we think about money. I really believe that this is a key piece of the upcoming world changes, and we are going to all be right in the thick of it!

This is both an exciting time and a frustrating one. I have been told that there is an old Chinese “curse” that states, “May you live in interesting times.” Whether you see it as a curse or a blessing, the times we live in are surely interesting. Things seem to be changing faster and faster, as I mentioned in my last post. So, I was thinking about how nice it would be to have one place to gather information about the possible futures that we are shaping. I am focusing on the economy because I believe that is the lynchpin of this puzzle. Once that shift happens, everything and everyone else will follow.

We look around us and we see an economic system based on greed, competition, and consumerism. Many of us have already recognized that this is simply not sustainable. Others are hanging on to what they know for dear life. They are terrified of what may come. When the old paradigm transforms, those who are comfortable in it are going to feel pretty lost. As lightworkers, we will need to be ready to help them as much as they will let us.

So what are our options?

I am reminded of an old Bellamy Brothers’ song, “He’s an old hippy and he don’t know what to do. Should he hang on to the old, or should he grab on to the new?” Whether you are a hippy or not, that is the key question, isn’t it? We don’t want to be indiscriminate in our disgust over the old system. There may be concepts and processes that can be repurposed, reused, or recycled. The links I am collecting on the STEP page include some drastically new ideas (how about getting rid of all the money?), and lots that are trying to transform things we already know (how about funding through microloans or crowdsourcing?). It includes links to people offering courses, books or presentations on changing your ideas about money. There are things having to do with heart math and a burgeoning field of study called The New Economy. It is all pretty world-changing stuff!

I make no claims as to the probable success of anything on the page, but I know that this all fascinates me and I want to learn more. So, I naturally thought other people might too! I don’t want this to be just the ideas that I catch, though. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the circumstances – LOL!), there is only one of me. If you would be willing to send me any links you find that might be appropriate, I would love it. Or, feel free to post it on the page, yourself.

I can’t give you a link to the page, because it doesn’t have 30 followers yet. The Facebook gods now require 30 followers before they will allow you to have a page link that is directly accessible from the Internet. So, you can be a great help in getting the word out about this page by going to Facebook, looking up ‘Shifting the Economic Paradigm’ and LIKE the page. I would love it even more if you shared it with your friends.

Thanks to all for your help!

Pedal to the Metal

Image used via creative commons license ( redtimmy ). Use of this image does not constitute endorsement in any form.

Do you feel it, just under your skin? There is a sense of impeding something in the air. Maybe it is just autumn, or the energies of the equinox, but I have spoken to quite a few others that are also feeling it. So, I can’t help but wonder if it has to do with what I hope will be the upcoming shift for mankind? This could be the home stretch for kicking off change on a global scale!

Many peoples and prophecies seem to be culminating now, and there are a lot of interpretations about what we might expect. I have mentioned in a previous post that I believe this is about a new beginning, rather than an apocalyptic ending. Everything, including my own senses, points to a sudden acceleration of change as we head toward the end of the year. The equinox seems to have kicked things into a higher gear!  If our lives were a car, we’d be burying that accelerator … pedal to the metal, baby!

I don’t pretend to know exactly what will happen, or how things might change, but my imagination does tend to ramble in that direction fairly often. I don’t think it will suddenly become idyllic or “perfect.” I am not sure any two people could agree on what constitutes perfection, anyway! What I do hope for is a chance to change the world based on a different code of ethics. I would like to see greed diminish, and people focus on what other ways, sustainable ways, we can satisfy the itches in us for meaning.

I look around me and see places like the National Economics Foundation in Britain, where they work on defining the economic piece of the puzzle surrounding what makes us happy. That’s the key, isn’t it? We all want to be happy, and we want our goals to bring us closer to happiness. I am excited to know that people like them are out there, trying to birth the new economic paradigm. Even if they don’t have it figured out, they are working on it. How exciting!

There are people like Lynn Serafinn, who is trying to redefine marketing strategies in this new economy. She’s written a book on the topic, and has a website as well. (NB, her website is not kept current in terms of events, but the focus is still valuable.) The big questions that I took away from her book include how do you sell to someone, if you refuse to promote fear or lack in your approach? How do we sell our product within a morality and ethos of thriving abundance? These are not easy questions and Ms Serafinn doesn’t have all the answers, but she has brought together a community of souls to work on these questions and more. Kudos to her!

The numbers of people working on this and related topics are growing all the time. Every time I browse the net, I find more sites that are giving their own answers to the key question: How do we envision this new world? After all, where we put our vision and our intent is where the creative juices will flow.

Sometimes, I think I need to sit down and try to put together an alternative future history novel with my imaginings of how this might play out, but I doubt I could write it fast enough!  So, instead, I occasionally toss ideas out here, to you. After all, you are among those creating the new world. Every day, we each make choices about what is important and what isn’t. You may boycott a company that has a disregard for human life or support a Carrotmob effort to effect positive change. I may decide to buy local, organic, or both. You may join in on Meatless Monday, or participate in (or start up!) a local dollars work exchange like in my home city of Madison. Whatever choices we make, we are helping to build the future.

The best part is that none of us is alone. We are all co-creators. We each play our own notes in this symphony, but the music is so much greater than any one of us.  I think our purpose in this time of change is to learn to play your own notes well. We need to each be our most authentic self and follow that inner voice. I am convinced that, if we do, the music we make together will be nothing short of amazing.

I am so excited to see what we come up with!

Leaving the Carrot and the Stick

File:Carrot and stick.svg

If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.            ~ Albert Einstein (attrib)

Many years ago, I wrote a short story that could have been based off this quote. Mind you, it wasn’t, because I had never seen it until today, but it could have been. I have long since lost my copy of the story, but I want to share some of what I remember of it with you today.

The plot of my story involved a conversation taking place between a young person and God . God answers questions in a cadence that sounded suspiciously like George Burns (you can set the time frame of when this was written now!), and explains things with a reference to the child’s own life. One of my favorite portions is when they are talking about Heaven and God is explaining that it doesn’t quite work the way people seem to think it should. This is because people are too tied to the idea of rewards as payment. God makes a reference to how the child’s mother asks for her to babysit her baby brother and how she does it because she loves her mother and her brother and wants to help out. Mom is so appreciative, she gives the young girl a gift to thank her. Now, if mom does this every time, then the child will eventually come to expect payment of some type and will no longer be doing the favor for her family solely out of love and compassion, but her desire to help will be colored by the expectation of a reward.

My youthful perception of heaven went along similar lines. I think that people who behave a specific way because they want the reward of heaven or who avoid certain behaviors because they don’t want to go to hell, are all missing the boat. Whatever you think heaven is, or isn’t, I don’t think it is meant to be a currency to bribe people into behaving a certain way. However, I do think that this mindset is reflective of much that goes on in our society, even now. Think about it. This is how we teach our children for the most part. If the heaven and hell bribery pattern seems too grandiose an image, think of it as the carrot and the stick. It is really the same thing. We bribe good behavior with desirable prizes and we discourage bad behavior with some type of punishment.

In our heart of hearts, what we really want to do is to get people to do the right thing because it is the right thing, because they value the rightness of it. We want people to avoid destructive behaviors because they are harmful, not because they are afraid of getting caught. The problem is that we don’t know how to do that. We don’t know how to instill a moral sense outside of reward and punishment. Lacking the knowledge of any other way, we fall back on the reward and punishment system, because it has a demonstrated measure of success in controlling behavior.

This is one of the many reasons that I believe the coming shift is so huge. It is going to give us a new tool in shaping our awareness and perception of this world. That, in turn, is going to change what drives us to do the things we do. As we awaken to our multi-dimensional selves and come to grips with the reality of our being part of the Unity consciousness, we will be connecting and aligning ourselves with a guidance system that operates outside of the reward and punishment paradigm. Our behavior will change in accordance with that alignment and the level of concern we currently exhibit over rewards and punishments will fall away. That will no longer be what drives us. The world is about to become so much bigger!

NB: Image of carrot and stick falls under the Creative Commons license and is the work of Nevit Dilmen, some rights reserved. Use of image does not indicate endorsement of my blog or ideas.



My daughter meditating at Dun Aengus, Ireland

This past week has seen the beginning – and end – of so many things in my life. I stopped being employed by someone else the Friday before last. I will miss working with the people that have become my friends over the past 3 1/2 years. However, because we have become friends, I have every confidence that the large majority of us will manage to stay in touch thanks to email, social media and (hopefully!) regular get-togethers!

It was an interesting ending filled to the brim with both a great deal of affection and a peacefulness of spirit. I am hopeful that, by letting this go, I am making room for lots of new and wonderful adventures I hope to find coming my way. What kinds of things might those be, you may ask?

I have had a dream for a while of bringing my gifts to the world in the form of my own business. My whole life, I have thought of myself as a teacher, a poet, and a writer. In the last few years, I have gained so much insight into being a more integrated, whole person, and I am convinced that my ability to “walk in two worlds” in just about every aspect of my life is something I can use to advantage. I have decided to bring together the world of meditation and mindfulness and the world of business, to see what happens. I am excited to know that I am far from alone in this dream!

Google actually has mindfulness training for its staff, believe it or not! They see the return on investment for incorporating this into their business practices. Meditation in all its forms is escaping the world of spirit and finding a place in the workaday world. The benefits are huge and not just for CEO’s and upper management. Stress is repeatedly touted as one of the primary reasons people get sick and miss work, and some studies suggest that 75 – 90% of all doctor’s visits are directly linked to complaints and conditions related to stress. Meditation and mindfulness practices include tons of simple techniques anyone can learn to be able to handle stress better. The dynamic is really clear, too: Less stress = Better health. The best part is that you can reap the benefits no matter your faith, no matter your personal belief system and even regardless of whether you believe it will do anything for you or not!

This is so exciting! I am taking my years of experience training people on everything from software usage to shamanic practice and combining it with my business skills in a way that will benefit all of us. Imagine a job where teams meditate together to solve problems, or where mindfulness practice increases both productivity and job satisfaction. I see it coming to be … I really do.

So, I am very excited to be putting together a series of classes designed to bring meditation and mindfulness training into the work world. I believe this can be life changing for people and a profitable strategy for businesses. The icing on the cake is that this gives me an opportunity to change the world, one breath at a time! 🙂

More details coming soon … including how you might be able to win a free class for you and up to 10 of your coworkers! Don’t worry, though. This blog is not going to become focused on my new business (I am putting together a website and a facebook page for that!). Although I am sure meditation topics will come up now and again, the purpose of this page has always been to celebrate spirit through a connection to rocks and trees, along with other facets of nature. I was just so excited about this new adventure that I simply had to post about it here!

I will let you all know when the new site is up and running and I do hope that many of you will join me there as well. In the meantime, I am curious if any of you work for places that already offer this kind of training? If so, what do you see as the best benefits it has brought you?

Seasons of Sumac and Larimar

Before you can really take on something new, you have to let go of the old stuff that isn’t serving you anymore. It’s kind of like cleaning out your closet before you go shopping. Every life is like that. There is only so much we can fit in to our days, and every thing we are willing to release makes room for something new to fill that space. As a general principle, I have been aware of this for years.

Recently, I was meditating on the question of what I needed to do to position myself for success with a new business venture that I will be launching (more posts on that soon!). The image that came to mind was that of our lovely sumac bush. I saw it dropping its branches in the fall and pushing out new, larger branches in the spring. It was crystal clear to me that I needed to be willing to release my past or it would slow down the success in my future!

How to let go? Releasing and letting go are largely psychological activities. Physical objects and situations disappear when the psychological ties to them are gone. I know this, so I realize that this release is largely in my head. I was gifted with the image of the sumac, so that gave me a visualization to tie to my letting go process. I am visual in my deepest channel, so I really think that the image of the sumac dropping its branches and growing new is the absolute perfect movie to replay in my head during meditation sessions.

Loving trees AND rocks, I went to a local rock shop and spoke with the very knowledgeable owner about what was going on in my life. She suggested that I spend some time with larimar, as that helps connect to divinely feminine energies and it assists in letting go of those things that don’t serve anymore. Sounds perfect, and it ties in wonderfully with the visual meditation I have taken on. I love when synchronicity puts a bow on the gift!

So, I now take time to meditate regularly next to a lovely sumac in full summertime bushiness, with my beautiful rock, set in a pendant, lying against my skin. I imagine letting go of who I have been as I get ready to embrace the woman I am becoming. I feel a lightness of being infuse my spirit and even my daughter has noted how much more joyful I am becoming. I am smiling again and laughing at little things. I am finding energy to do the things that need doing and that will surely help pave the way for success!

Rocks and Trees for Releasing