Circle of Healing

A circle is a symbol of wholeness. It doesn’t really have a beginning or an end, but is an entity unto itself. I believe that this is one of the primary reasons that groups who come together for healing of any type (physical, emotional, spiritual) are often called “healing circles.” 

Many years ago, I was aching for something but I didn’t know what. I got a nudge to search the phrase, “healing circle.” I had never heard of this before, but that kind of nudge thing often happens to me, and I try to listen when it does. So, I pulled up my Internet search friend, Google, and that was how I got started on the road to learn drumming and shamanic practice.

What is a healing circle?

A healing circle is a group of people who come together regularly for the express intent of healing. It might be to help each other heal, or it might be to send healing thoughts, prayers, or energy to select recipients. It operates off the concept that when we gather together for a single intent, the effect is amplified more than it would be if the same people did the same thing on their own. The intention of linking together causes the multiplier effect.

This is not a religious thing, but many faiths include the concept. The Bible may have a direction of “Where two or more are gathered in My name [….]” (Matthew 18:20), but Native American peoples have gathered for millenia in circles of healing. The concept is not unknown in Muslim and Hindi faiths as well. The circle as healer is one of the archetypes found in Jungian psychology (see his work on Mandelas). 

Is there a circle near me?

Circles of varying types are everywhere. Places of worship often organize prayer circles. If you have many energy workers in your area, you will likely be able to find Reiki circle meetups. Shamanic practitioners often have drum circles. Whatever your modality, the opportunities are probably there, sitting just out of sight. I suggest you do a search on the name of the place you live and the phrase, “healing circle.” You may be surprised by what you see!

If you don’t have anything nearby, or you are not open to physical meetups, don’t forget to check the virtual realm. At the very least, there is the World Peace Meditation series organized by You don’t even have to tell them you plan on joining in. Just do it!

The circles where I have participated are a little more structured. There is a commitment to attend and participate. This is because we lean on each other, share with each other, hold space for each other. Over time, we become our own tribe family. I love that.

If this interests you, find or make a circle in your area. Let the healing begin!



What if …


It seems that everywhere I look online, there is a running discourse about the shooting in Connecticut. The outrage is real, widespread and very deeply felt. This bodes well for change.

As I was thinking on this, though, the famous quote from Gandhi about being the change we want to see came to mind. It reminds me that you can’t legislate morality. That doesn’t mean the laws shouldn’t change. It means that the level of behavioral change impacted by laws and regulations doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Another way of stating it is that we may be able to contain some of the behavior, but the impetus to violent reactions remains.

That problem is the violence in our own hearts and souls. As long as we react with violent thoughts, even if we control them, the seed of violence will remain with us as a people and as a culture. We each have varying levels of success at controlling it, but its very existence raises the question of how do we truly heal a society that is based on violent thought? I don’t have answers, but I do have questions and that is perhaps a valid starting point.

I wonder if this is related to the competition we each have nurtured in our hearts since we were small? We have this poverty / paucity mindset that insists that everything, but EVERYTHING, is in limited supply. If I have it then you can’t have it. If you have it, then I can’t. This mindset encourages people to defend what little they have from someone who might deprive them of it, or to attempt to take from someone that which they think they need to survive.

The more I think on this, the more I believe that, at a very deep level, the trigger for violent thoughts or behavior seems to be rooted in the idea that the other has something that I need to survive or even just to be happy. When I am content in this moment, not worrying about what I don’t have, I can feel no urge to become aggressive. When the present moment is sufficient for me, there is nothing I need to take from another.

What if people woke up to the moment of power, that is to say this very moment? I often hear talk of awakening in vague and idealistic terms, but what would actually happen? How would things change if people suddenly started living in the now, owning their own baggage, and making decisions based on just that? I am not talking utopia, but reality. What would change? I am thinking that the scope would be so large, we can’t even imagine it in its entirety.


Today, I found out that there is a known concept and a word for something that has been a part of my life for a while now. A few months back, when I was meditating, I was given an image, very similar to the one above, and got the sense of it like this:
The line going up and down is a cord of energy that connects the grounded self to the higher realms. It pretty much goes up along the spine. When I meditate now, I can feel it pulsate and I can sense energy going both up and down the cord. It straightens energies that have gotten out of alignment and makes my breathing feel clearer, among other things. The center is a glowing merkaba. It is glowing because it is rotating at a very high speed and gathering energy, each pyramid spinning in the opposite direction from the other. The glow is both protective and energizing. As I meditate, I sense this construct around and through me, and it makes me feel centered, protected and clear-headed. If there is an emotion connected to this meditation, it would be joy, though it is challenging to label the time I spend in this place.
Today, as I was reading some posts from online friends, I found out that the energy cord that I sense is called a “shushumna,” and it is the channel by which the life force or prana moves up and down the chakras. It is integral to the process of kundalini rising, and is indeed part of the awakening process. The words are from the yogic tradition, but I am thinking that the concepts are universal.
Having learned this, I had to go looking for more info on the merkaba. It turns out that counter-rotating pyramidal forms are the sign of an activated merkaba. There are meditations to assist in this process. Ironically, I had looked for merkaba meditations before and didn’t really see anything that pulled at me. Now, I go to Google and look up “glowing spinning merkaba” and there is the meditation I had been looking to find, months ago! I love the synchronicities that pile up in my life! This has so much more meaning for me since I found it out on my own and saw confirmation on the site I found, rather than the other way around!
Φ – I have decided that the awakening symbol, in its simplest form, looks like the Greek letter phi. So, one more symbol to the collection I have been gathering for a rune system of my own. Yeah!
It feels like so many things are starting to coalesce into something tangible … I can almost make out the shape. Just a few more pieces!

Soul Lodestone

This image is of a lodestone, as depicted in the info article on Wikipedia. Clicking the image will take you to the article.

As I was meditating this morning, it came to me that when I use my favorite abundance affirmation, “I surrender to the flow of abundance that already surrounds me,” I am actually surrendering to the creative principle of the Divine.

My perception of this creative principle is sort of like a primordial soup, where all the elements necessary for anything I might imagine are swirling about, waiting to be pulled into form. When we are open to this flow, we become a lodestone, drawing to us the things we have magnetized by our prayers, our desires, our emotions.

Connect your heart to your words

I mention emotions because I truly believe that they are the power behind any prayer, any desire. When we pray, most of us have been taught to use words. I see no problem with this, except that we each need to realize that words are most effective when we let them be triggers, releasing the power of emotions to the focus of the prayer. The more deeply we feel the sentiment of the prayer, the more magnetized our soul becomes to draw the desired outcome into being.

That is simplified of course, and a lot more plays into it. For example, to manifest effectively, we need to have our intention aligned with the Divine (I will to will Thy will), and we need to truly be receptive to the outcome. How many of us pray for help with a problem … perhaps a money issue? … when we really don’t believe we are worthy of the resolution? If this is you, don’t feel too badly. You are not alone.

Are you strong enough to surrender?

This is why I pray for enough strength and trust to surrender. Huh? Strength to surrender? Many might think that concept doesn’t make sense. But it does! When we are strong in our sense of self, the paradox arises that we become most able to trust that self to retain or improve its core being with the changes that inevitably come with surrender to the Divine Will. Imagine a person who is so confident in their abilities that they are willing to stand up to both authority and / or bullies, without fear. Now, take that image and see if you can shift it a bit: Trust that your core is real enough, true enough, strong enough that surrender to the Divine is simply acknowledging that It is your very Source. How can you possibly be afraid of what sustains you?

We often hear about surrendering to God as an abdication of our selfhood. I even met a man once, who said that he was afraid that if he surrendered completely to God he would be sent to be a missionary in a place he didn’t want to go. That fear held him back for a very long time! He was afraid that God’s ideas for his life might not line up with how he wanted things to go. Think about that for a minute. He was afraid that his will and God’s will were different and his ego wanted his own will to win out!

Maybe the question comes down to whether you believe your ego IS you? I am telling you it is not, but I don’t expect you to necessarily believe me. I have found out that people need to come to this realization all on their own, and no amount of insight from strangers will force it upon them. However, it might make them think. So, I am one of many asking you to consider whether that might be a false belief. Check out Eckhart Tolle, as any of his books go into this topic far better than I can.

So, back to surrendering: When you know that your core self is sourced from the Divine, you suddenly realize that you aren’t surrendering to anything truly “other.” You trust in the Divine, but that trust is a judgement call that the soul has made based on the knowledge that you are truly a cupful of God-energy in human form. To me, that is the ultimate sense of one’s self as a multi-dimensional being and proof of a solid faith in the soul’s power of discernment.

You are not who you thought you were

As we awaken to a more complete sense of our self identity as multi-dimensional beings, I think that the fears of the little three dimensional being we thought we were will all disappear. We will know that we are more than what we ever understood before, and we’ll recognize that it is ok to trust the flow of the creative principle. At that point, we will recognize that the prayer doesn’t just change the outer world in the form of manifesting what we hope, it also changes the inner self to open the doors for that manifestation to take place.

Then, FINALLY, we shall see ourselves as an integral part of the equation and our ability to manifest our heart’s desire, in alignment with Divine Will, will be endless.


One of the most important skills we pick up as we awaken to our innermost self is that of discernment. When we are presented with an option, a “fact,” or a point of view, we learn to automatically turn to our inner space to see if it resonates or not. I am not talking about whether we find a particular thing appealing, but whether that inner field of energy gives us a thumb’s up or down on incorporating that new thing into our personal life story.

I have had many times where an option in front of me that seemed undesirable in some way was the one that got the internal thumb’s up. When I trusted that over my mental construct of what was appealing to me, I have always found that internal nudge to bring positivity into my life. In fact, some of my best memories come from just such nudges.

If it is on the Internet, it must be true!

I am bringing this up because I have seen a lot of lists online lately about the “signs that you are awakening.” There are certain standard items that appear on all of them (worrying less, joyful more, etc), but many of them also include other items that, frankly, I am not so sure about. That is when discernment comes to play.

When we trust blindly, we are putting our truth-o-meter in someone else’s hands. As we take responsibility for all aspects of our lives, we learn that being part of a global body or a global consciousness does not mean that we will all process information the same way, or go through the same awakening process. Basically, what is true for one part of that multi-dimensional being may not be true for another part. Each of us is responsible for discerning the bits that work within our own life.

Think of it this way: The hand has a totally different function than the foot, the shoulder or the spleen. The nutritional energy that makes its way to each body part gets used according to that part’s function. The body needs different things from each part, and so the demands on it are different and the energy gets used accordingly. I believe the same can be said for the role each of us plays in the unity consciousness. Awakening does not mean we will automatically drop all differences and become Stepford Wives. I feel pretty confident that the differences between us will be managed in less confrontational ways than we generally use now, but I am just as confident that differences will remain. Difference (ie diversity!) is good and friction is not always a bad thing. It is how we handle the friction that can be unhealthy. Often, friction is actually a necessary component for growth!

Caveat emptor! (Let the buyer beware!)

To be fair, I believe that most of these sites are expecting you to gauge the truth of their posts with your own process of discernment. As for the lists of “signs that you are awakening,” one that I would add to the list is that you no longer look to others to validate your journey! So, when it comes down to advice, tips, lists or “seeds of wisdom” (even from me!), always check it against your internal truth-o-meter. Recognize that one person’s truth is not always the same as yours, and the only solid growth you can have is when you build upon your own.

The Power of We

I think a solid argument could be made that 2012 is the year of the ‘Power of We.’ All around the world, we have seen average citizens banding together to effect change. We see it all around us: politically, economically, environmentally, and more! We keep seeing anomalous stories of dogs adopting pigs, elephants befriending dogs, and many more. Something seems to be happening, and we are both spectator and participant.

As a shamanic practitioner, I have been privileged to witness the inter-connectedness of life on many levels. As someone who walks the dreamwinds, I know in the core of my soul that there are layers of reality beyond what our three dimensional selves can see and recognize. Is this the Unity Consciousness we hear so much about? I think it is one of the first steps.

I believe that the Power of We culminates in Unity Consciousness. This connectedness that we are finally recognizing as an amazingly powerful dynamic is only the start of the process. We are just waking up and like an individual that needs their morning ritual to be fully awake, we have to go through the stages of the process to get our Unity eyes fully opened.

What will the stages be? That is something I don’t pretend to know. I do believe that individuals have been awakening for years. They have been trying to help us, but there are none so blind as those who will not see. We each have to come to it in our own time and in our own way, otherwise our minds shy away from it and refuse to recognize it for what it is. As more and more people awaken, groups of people begin to recognize the threads that connect them are strong enough to change the world.

At some point, we started to ask ourselves what we wanted this world to be? We stopped accepting that the status quo has to stay because it has always been. We begin to recognize that light is both particle and wave, depending on our intent. Accepting that as true, then we hypothesize that can control the outcome by controlling our intention. I think this is where things are at now. We see that we have power, and that we can remake the world in the form of our dreams … only we have to decide what we really want, as a group.

I am not sure what the next step will be, but I do believe there will be a next step. The people attempting to define the dream are out there and working hard. That Facebook page I set up, STEP, is a collection point for stories about the dreamers impacting economic change. I had a friend email me recently with a very detailed explanation of how he thinks the business corporate environment might be recreated to empower the individual and get rid of all or most of the hierarchical mess people currently have to navigate. He is one of the waymakers.

The world is changing and the “power of we” is the springboard that will catapult us to a new earth. I am so excited to be alive now and witness to this amazing worldwide event. I am glad to be part of the “we” that is bringing about change, and to have come to know and work with so many more!

Spirit O2

When you fly in a plane, they always give the pre-flight spiel … you know the one: how to buckle your seat belt, a request to please turn off and stow away electronic devices and the all-important explanation of how to proceed should the pressure drop in the cabin and the oxygen masks descend. They always remind you to take care of your own oxygen mask first, before helping anyone else. I was thinking this morning about how that is good advice in so many other areas of life as well!

Specifically, as we each work at our own enlightenment / ascension process, we learn things that give such an “aha!” moment, we want to shout it from the rooftops. We want to share it with all those we love, and maybe even some of the people that annoy us. Either way, we really want to blast this aha moment out to the world. In short, we want to change the world by putting their oxygen mask on. This is a wonderful feeling, and isn’t that a wonderful life’s purpose? To help raise the vibration of everyone on the planet?

If we haven’t taken the time to absorb and integrate the insight into the way we live our lives, we are living out the metaphor of the person trying to give oxygen before we get our own in place. How do you know if you have put on your metaphorical oxygen mask? It is pretty simple, really. Ask yourself if you are living out what you have learned? Have you put in enough time and space to know that this isn’t a flash-in-the-pan, that you don’t have to dig for a deeper truth?

If you can’t answer affirmatively to those kinds of questions, give it some time and allow the insight to change how you see and act in the world. Once you have integrated the insight, you will likely still feel drawn to share what you have learned, and you should! As a community, we learn from each other and we need your light, so don’t forget to share and shine.

Reinventing Worship

Question from The God Article on FB:

If you were to (or do) worship in a church, what would the perfect worship service look like?

(What would it include? What would the setting be? Would there be liturgy? What kind? Music? What kind? Sermon? What would it be like? Who would do it?)

I like this question, mostly because it is the type of thing I would wonder about anyway. You see, I miss my “home church.” Yup. That’s what we called it. When you have a church you attend where the people that attend it are as close or closer than family and you feel connected to its lifeblood and it sustains you, it is your home church. Mine was back in New Hampshire. Since the time I attended there, more than the miles have grown to separate me from that sanctuary. I have always questioned dogma and that was what I liked about the church I attended. I remember that the minister told me once that “Methodists didn’t have to leave their brain at the door.” I took that statement very much to heart, and followed the still, small voice even when it led me to go contrary to church dogma and policy. He always supported me in my questionings, and for that I will always be grateful.

When I moved away, I tried attending several churches in my new home city. I never did find a place that could both accommodate the turns that my personal evolution of faith was taking, and give me the sense that I was part of something greater than myself. That hasn’t stopped me from hoping that someday, I might find a community of people that will allow me to connect and grow in a way similar to the Methodist church I knew when I was younger. I sometimes imagine what that might entail. So, the question becomes: What would I want now?

My mom used to remind me that a church was the people and not the building. While there is truth in that statement, I recognize that buildings and sites that inspire awe have always been included in worship for a reason. To me, sites for worship would have to include the out of doors, or places with access to nature. However, I don’t like the restriction of “church” on any specific day of the week. I really have a distaste for separating my life out that way. In my dream church, services wouldn’t be necessarily be on Sunday or Saturday, either. My faith is part of my every day life and I would want worship to be similar. I love the idea of including the cycle of the seasons and the turning of the sun and the moon in my worship. I do this already on a personal level, but I would love to have a community that thinks similarly!

I would want to include music for sure. I love hymns, chants and spiritually expressive songs. I don’t know if I believe in having a minister (I may be too gnostic for that!), but I would love having some type of “sermon” or insight sharing, perhaps from multiple people. I would want to honor divergent paths like the Unitarians do. I would want to talk about things such as how to live a connected life, how to raise one’s vibration, how to live from the heart, how to “ascend” or become “enlightened.” I would love to talk about Unity Consciousness and how to live a life with integrity and impeccability. I want a place where the feminine face of the Divine is just as honored as the male aspect. I would want to learn from the teachings of Jesus, of Buddha, and of Guru Nanak and others. Sharing, studying, supporting and building community would all be vital parts of the group dynamic. Group meditations are something I enjoy, so I would love it if that were included too.

Too, no book would be an ultimate authority. You see, I believe the concept that words are pointers and one should never confuse the pointers with what they are pointing at. So, any book could be a jumping off point for discussion and insight. It doesn’t have to be anything like the Bible or the Quran. It doesn’t even have to be non-fiction to be speaking a truth, in my opinion. However, wariness should always be present whenever an absolute is stated (yes, I see the irony in that statement!).

I have been to a few Unitarian services that were close, but I never felt connected for some reason.

I have often been inspired by this quote by Einstein: “The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity.” Frankly, this may be as close to my personal faith as words can come.

Surrounded by Auras

Swaths of Color It started when I was a child. I was so intense and sincere about my faith. I wanted desperately to be sure that when I prayed for someone, that God would know exactly who I was praying for, and there would be no confusion. To do this, I thought a lot about what made people different from each other, and I knew it wasn’t the name. Lots of people had the same name. Looks? Well, looks changed, and some people looked so much alike, it was challenging telling them apart. There had to be a better way!

Then I realized that when I thought of someone, I got a taste in my mouth, a “flavor” I called it. That “flavor” stayed the same, no matter what they were looking like that day, or what I called them. The flavor had swirls of color associated with it in my mind, and I knew that I had found my way to identify people. Everyone had a different flavor / color combination and, from what I could tell, no two were the same. I could pray for an individual with some confidence that my intention was going exactly where I wanted.

It was literally decades later, when I was online (remember AOL chats? seems ancient news now!), and talking with a long distance friend about my concept of flavors and colors. At her suggestion, we went into a chat room together and she asked me questions in a private IM about what I “tasted” and “saw” relating to the people in the room. Then she explained something that blew my mind. She told me that I was seeing auras! I had always thought that was a cool concept, but I didn’t think it applied to me, because the way I saw them wasn’t anything like what I had read. They were swirls of color, and not neatly encircling an etheric body at all. They moved.  They expanded and contracted.

I had heard as a child that one of my aunts could see auras, but I was told not to ask her about it. It was considered something private, personal, and not to be discussed! I was told talking about it made her very uncomfortable. So, this whole aura thing was both fascinating and unsettling. I started to pay more attention and I realized that I was seeing those colors all over the place, whenever I wanted to do so. I started reading about auras and learning bits about what the colors meant. Then, I would take what I had read and see if it applied to what I was seeing. Slowly, I put together this map in my head of meanings for different colors and flavors.

This ability to see auras sometimes feels sort of like when you see someone whose slip is showing, or whose underclothes show through what they are wearing. Most people don’t realize that they advertise so much about their inner workings to the world, and my being able to see it is actually a peek into something that they don’t realize is showing. People get embarrassed and defensive if they realize you see something they don’t mean to share. That reaction definitely applies to auras.

So, I often try to turn a blind eye, so to speak. Unless I have permission, or if the person is directly interacting with me, I try to not pay attention. I can’t avoid seeing it when I am interacting with someone. It is part and parcel of the communication process for me. Otherwise, I mostly try not to “see” the slip that is showing,or the energy signature that people don’t realize they put out to the world.

Perhaps because of this, I have never truly explored what can be done with this gift. Rightly or wrongly, I came to the conclusion that seeing auras was on the order of a “parlour trick.” It was kind of cool, but not overly useful. There are a few exceptions I have incorporated into my life, though. It definitely helps me to teach people to shield themselves, because I can tell them when they are still vulnerable or visible. When I give reiki to someone, I can see voids, knots and weird colors where reiki is needed to smooth things out. Too, it helps me be careful of certain people, whose addictions are very present in their energy field.

In the last few years, I started questioning my assumptions about the usefulness (or lack, thereof!) of auras. A few years ago, I read Of Water and the Spirit, by Malidoma Some, and I realize how  baby-like my gift truly is. How undeveloped and under-nourished it is, and how much more useful it could be if I only learned to use it more fully.

My life is changing, as I have mentioned in several previous blog posts. I find that I am aiming for wholeness on a level that is beyond anything I ever conceived before. I dream of taking my love of spirituality, metaphysics and healing and making them a bigger, more integral, part of my life. This dream is making me look at my various strengths and gifts with an eye toward incorporating each one into the vision of the future that I am weaving. I know  I can’t leave behind my left brain analytical side, but I so want to incorporate other things I know well, like reiki and maybe journeying techniques, teaching people to meditate and reconnect to the spirit of place, finding the joy and health benefits of earthing … there are so many options!

This blog about auras has been provoked because several recent dreams have been nudging me to do something with what I know about auras. I am just unsure at this point what form that might take. I think of a zen garden with rake lines around a rock when I consider the obstacle that I am currently observing within myself: How to identify the value of something to a stranger, when I barely value it myself?


Originally written as a handout for a course in shamanism:

As each of us learns and grows along the shamanic path, we come to have a perspective on the significance of the different components of the path, based upon the experiences we have had. When I contemplate the topic of integration, I realize immediately that it is a deeply personal process.  As I think about what it has come to mean to me, one word comes immediately to mind: Change.

Change is the one constant in life. Every time something changes, whether it is a birth or a death, a new job or winning the lottery, a professional healing session or a personal journey, you have to determine how best to incorporate the changes as you move forward.  In effect, you must integrate the new life events into how you live and process information.  Integration, by definition, is a process for change.  If you think you are integrating an experience, but nothing in your thought processes or your life has changed, then I would challenge you to rethink how well you are integrating what you have learned.  I strongly believe that it is impossible to integrate anything successfully, and have everything in your life stay the same.

As I thought about what I wanted to share with you about integration, the challenge became immediately apparent: Every person and every journey is unique. There are no hard and fast rules of how to integrate what we bring back from our journeys. So, what I have decided to do is to share my perspective on integration. I hope that there are seeds within these words that you can use to find ways to approach your own integration work.

When I journey and bring back soul pieces or information, integration is a way for me to honor both the connection to spirit and the knowledge that has been brought back. I am able to think and live from a new place, when I add the knowledge gained into my life. Like peering through a window that was dirty but has been cleaned, the world looks different when I allow integration to change my point of view. This new perspective may well heal me, or give added insight to events in my life, but it is also a bonding between me and the spirits.

Sometimes the changes in my world are small and cumulative, while other times they can be truly and dramatically life changing. No matter the scope, I use the following general techniques to help with the integration process:

  • I document what I have been given and where it leads
    •  Whether it is at the time of the journey or as soon as I can afterward, I write out my journey, or my impressions of what I have been told when someone journeyed for me. I may put down some first impressions about the implications of what I have been given. If this was in a circle, I may also include what insights others may have shared. As I move forward with integrating the change in my life, I also journal the process.  


  • I try to remain open to nudges from spirit
    • Whether it is my daily meditation practice or a habit I am trying to develop of listening within, I try to remain aware of synchronicities, or their opposites – a desire to do something outside my normal routine. I am not a very habit-based person, so this means trying to remain very aware of my own motivations. If I am thinking about a recent journey when my rune bag catches my eye, it may well be time to sit down and cast the stones to deepen my understanding of the journey.


  • Integration means change
    • Thinking about the journey information and drawing a mindmap, journaling, tarot or runes are all well and good, but they are simply the prep-work for incorporating some type of change into my life. An insight may change how I process information. I may get a suggestion to change a habit I have had for years. I may be healed of a past trauma, changing how I see the world. No matter the details, integrating the information isn’t complete until I start living it out.

I would also mention that I have found it is an easy trap to continually go to the same comfortable techniques when working on integration. Although there is nothing wrong with frequently turning to the tarot, for example, I have found that it is often when stepping outside my comfort zone that I get the most powerful insights. Since I journal the whole process, it is possible for me to look back and note patterns that can make me question if I am creating a habit rather than listening to the nudges within.

Integration work is some of the most important soul-work we can do, so find the ways that work for you and make them a part of your spiritual practice. Your life will change. Your spiritual connections will strengthen, and you will grow as a person.