About this site

Rocks and trees have always had a special appeal to me. As a child, I would get in trouble for ‘bringing the outdoors in,’ when my collection of cool rocks bothered my mother’s sense of appropriateness. So, I took to hiding them in drawers, and under my pillow … but I couldn’t not have them. I am in awe of bluffs, mountains and caves. Rocks speak to the depth of my soul.

Too, a gorgeous tree can stop me in my tracks. I seem to have a special fondness for burr oaks and weeping willows, but any specie can tickle my fancy. I love admiring their beauty, even in winter. I will go out of my way to sit with an awesome tree and I was thrilled to learn that my daughter is convinced that, long after I am gone, she will still think of me every time she sees a beautiful tree. I can’t imagine a finer legacy.

So, when I felt drawn to create a site inspired by my own personal sense of spirituality, I realized that it would have to include those things that touch me most deeply: rocks and trees. My goal is to explore my personal journey of spirit and to share what I learn along the way.


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